Quite possibly my favorite #art historical harpsichord ever. 1670, #Rome

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The classics ;). Oh and a pretty book is always fun to read!

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GOT season 5 casting is anounced

pedro pascal will be playing doran martell in old person makeup

pedro pascal will also be playing arianne martell in a wig

pedro pascal will be playing every single GOT character from now on

except for daenerys targaryen, who has been replaced by jason momoa 

Funerary sculpture of Marie Antoinette, Cathedrale royale de Saint-Denis, Paris

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Another thing from the finale preview.

Is this Sandor? :-O

Brienne, did you do this? Can’t believe we’re seeing Brienne vs The Hound in the finale. Ugh.

I do not love this! 

My gorgeous new earrings! Designed by Ashley @ ivyandgoldhandcraft.com <3

"PSA: Stop Hodor Cruelty" 

Of course someone had to make this. 


The GoT girls seem more kick-ass than the guys — would you agree? 

It’s true, and it’s great because it mirrors real life. The women in my life are very strong. It’s just the way the world is, which is good. It surprises me when you see shows that don’t have very strong women. (x)


Emilia Clarke covers Los Angeles Times: Hero Complex

“I’ve been growing with her, which is the exciting part,” Clarke said. “Man, she’s got more strength than I have, that’s for sure. Getting to be with her throughout this growth process is so exciting as an actor. While she’s pushing herself, I get to push myself and my acting every season.”